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Sylvia is patient and knowledgeable as a teacher and practitioner.  She shows genuine concern for her students in regards to their learning, healing and spiritual growth.  I especially appreciate that she does follow up and is available for questions and further learning once classes have ended and is genuinely interested in each student's individual journey.  I highly recommend Sylvia as a healer, teacher and mentor; I am also blessed to call her friend in addition to these other amazing titles.

 Sunny R., Teacher - Covington, LA


I have studied under Sylvia Collins for a few years now and have found her to be an amazing teacher and a powerful Reiki healer. She is constantly studying to improve her understanding of her craft and is also totally connected to the spiritual world through daily prayers and divinations. You can sense her strength, her power and her caring and gentle soul whenever you are studying with her, even if you are separated by thousands of miles. I live in Los Angeles but I have come out to RI for each Reiki ascension and Sylvia is the best, kindest, most knowledgeable teacher I have met.
I am currently a level 3 Reiki practitioner and hope to get out there this summer to study to reach Master level. I am proud to call Sylvia my Reiki Master and my guide to the spiritual energies that God has bestowed upon us.

Kyle J. – Producer, Hollywood, CA


If you are reading this, Sylvia Collins has come into your life. And, I'm certain, with great reason. This beautiful being has been brought to you to open yourself to the greatest heights that love has to offer. She's here to connect you with your soul, to find who you are. She will guide you to use your own internal system of knowing to take you exactly to the place that you need to be. If you are called to be her student, do so. She is always the loving and gentle teacher. Grab hold of every opportunity for her to lay her hands on you or pray with you, for the peace she leaves you with is real and long lasting. If you are gifted with her friendship, value every moment with her for her love is gold. Her presence in your life alone will shift your world and physical being into a lighter place. Open fully to who she is to you. Follow your heart's intuition and allow her to open you to the love that's been calling for you.

Sunny S. – Yoga teacher, Slidell, LA


Thank you, Sylvia. You are a very important person in my life. To have you in my life supporting my spiritual journey is God’s gift to me which I wish to share with others. I feel very peaceful, centered and truly loved. During my Reiki II Attunement, I felt as if I was in a dark, warm, safe area, where all my needs were met. It was the most peaceful place in existence. I did not want it to end. I now feel complete.

Angela M., Student and Friend, Warwick, RI


The cord cutting session with Sylvia was amazing. As she described the cord cutting and how it would pull past stress and fears away from the body, I began feeling the tugging on the left side of my body near my hip. As the clearing began, I saw coils of cords, almost like garden hoses leaving my body and being rolled up. The sense of relief was filled with peace as the tugging sensation subsided. My body felt heavy as tranquility surrounded me. I thanked Sylvia, Michael the Archangel and all of my angels for providing this gift of healing. It was a very moving experience. Thanks for all that you do, Sylvia.

Chrissy B. – Teacher – Chicago, IL


Reiki is awesome and Sylvia is the best! She has amazing Reiki energy. You can feel it emanating from her as she touches you. After a Reiki treatment last night, this morning I am pain free. Plus, I always get a great night’s sleep after a Reiki treatment. Reiki heals both the body and mind. Call Sylvia today.

Mary H. – Administrative Assistant, Warwick, RI


I’ve taken both Reiki I and Reiki II classes with Sylvia, and I have found her to be wise and well-informed about how to grow spiritually. Her teaching is both thorough and professional. Sylvia is a great person, very warm-hearted, understanding and comfortable to be around. I highly recommend her to friends and family.

Joyce B. – Student and friend, Cranston, RI


To experience the gifts of warmth, compassion, and friendship ~ To relax, connect with your inner self, appreciate your higher self and be guided by a kind hearted giving soul ~ Is to meet Sylvia Collins ~ teacher and mentor to many ~
and friend to all.

Carol M. – Founder RI Multiple Myeloma Support Group,
Student and friend, Warwick, RI

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.  ~Mustafa Kemal Atatürk