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What is Reiki?
The term Reiki is actually two Japanese ideograms that in English mean universal or Divinely-inspired life force energy. A series of Reiki sessions can bring great, lasting health to you whether you choose to use it alone or as an enhancement to any other healing modality. Minutes after the treatment begins, you will begin to experience the increased sense of peace and ease that you have been seeking in all the areas of your life. The results are often amazing and always positive.

What is the history of Reiki?
Reiki (Ray-kee) is a profound healing practice that traces its source to the ancient Eastern cultures and their philosophies. Mikao Usui (1865-1926), a Japanese Buddhist, received the explanation of this hands-on healing technique during a meditation retreat undertaken at a major turning point in his life. He began practicing Reiki on everyone he met, and eventually opened clinics, founded a Reiki society, which is still in existence in Japan today, and established a line of successions through the initiation of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, who in turn initiated Mrs. Hawayo Takata, who brought the Reiki healing practice out of Japan and into the Western world. Today, Reiki healing is experienced by people all over the world.

What should I expect during a Reiki session?
We begin with a discussion regarding your intent and your expectations for the Reiki session. During the session, you, the recipient, lie on a comfortable table, fully clothed, with soft music playing in the background and an atmosphere conducive to healing. I pray for your intention and for God’s highest good to take place in and for you. I place my hands in various positions on or just above your body, and pray silently for you throughout the session. The energy of Reiki helps to break down energetic disruptions or blockages in the energy pathways and allows the life-force to flow in a healthy and natural way throughout your whole being. Each person’s experience of Reiki is personal to them as we are all unique human beings with a very different life experience. Reiki works to compliment conventional medical treatments and also compliments other holistic treatments.

What are additional benefits from Reiki?
Other benefits which Reiki offers is that it helps boost the immune system, speeds up recovery after surgery or major illness, increases confidence and self esteem and brings about harmony on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels. It also helps following a bereavement or loss, or during times of life changes, such as menopause, moving or a new job. It also helps during pregnancy and childbirth. In palliative care, Reiki brings comfort and peace and helps bring about a peaceful transition from this life.

Is Reiki available for my pet?
Yes. Reiki for your pet is a gentle, non-invasice healing method that can address pain, injury and illness, speed recovery after surgery and have remarkable effects on fear, anxiety, aggression, depression and trauma. One treatment can prove to be most beneficial. Done on a regular basis, this safe, effective practice can help keep pets healthy and well-balanced.

That which we heal in ourselves, we heal in the world. And that which we heal in the world, we heal in ourselves - Rolf Gates